I'm Aaron.  I'm a programmer and technical artist, specializing in game development.  I've worked with corporate and government clients, developing games for PC, consoles, and mobile, mobile applications, and web.  I've worked with Unity, Unreal, Xamarin, proprietary company software, and Angular, using C#, C++, Javascript, Python, and AS3.

I have a degree in Games Design and one in Design from Griffith University, and previously, I worked as a Graphic Designer, 3D Artist and Illustrator.  

I bring a well-rounded skillset to the teams I work with, combining my programming knowledge with design sensibilities and experience, and bring a sense of cohesion and collaboration to development teams.


Electronic Arts,  CA
Code Heroes,  AU
Brown Paper Bag,  AU
Defiant Development,  AU
CORE Architecture,  AU
Paynter Dixon,  AU